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Whether you are planning a corporate event; your wedding; a birthday party for your child or teenager; or a party for you or your friends, a disco can be an important part of your event which is costing you a lot of money. We offer; friendly and approachable happy DJ, (but please don't allow him to dance) quality sound system; over 11 000 music tracks from 1950 to present charts instantly accessible on laptop, and spectacular light shows. We are happy to give out public notices via microphone, but try and play as many music tracks keeping talk to a minimum so you get more music and dancing. We are also happy to play background music for when you are meeting your friends and chatting, and try and keep the volume lower so you can hear one another comfortably.

We normally like clients to submit a playlist of their favourite songs; that way we know the type of music you like.

If you are IN THE PLANNING STAGE it is a good time to phone us as we may know suitable venues for your party, and can also advise you what dates we are available.

Don't waste time booking the cheapest DJ you can find, who may well cancel the week before (we know because we get phone calls from the unhappy customers). Phone or e mail us and we will be happy to talk about YOUR PARTY. 

Oh and one more thing, there is no such thing as a silly question, feel free to phone us and we'll help you make your event a happy event! -Dave Parry

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12 Oldbarn Close, 


SO40 2SY
Mob 07999928503

12 Oldbarn Close, Southampton, SO40 2SY, Mob 07999928503  

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